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The next video standard for all contents and devices.

Jocoos is a technology company on a mission to develop and provide SaaS type software which is including video transcoding technology, real time video, and instance video editing technology to be applied to video service on mobile and web environment. OTT (Over The Top service), Real time broadcasting service, Live commerce, VR, AR, and any video related business can be delivered easily by using our Product, FlipFlop.

What we do

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FlipFlop transcoder makes video to be played on every mobile device. FlipFlop transcoder makes video to be compressed extremely as well as

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FlipFlop real-time streaming is the new conceptual real-time streaming and video playback technology.

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FlipFlop Webinar supports online interactive forum with broadcasting module. (OBS, vMix, XSplit) Vicollo Webinar supports high resolution online low latency video meeting on web.


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